Show and Tell

Today we found out our ‘Show and Tell’ day. This is an opportunity for the children to bring in something they want to share and talk about to the rest of the class. For instance it may be a book they want everyone to hear or an object they want to share facts about, or possibly a train ticket that they got from an exciting weekend journey they want to tell us about. It does not mean they have to bring something in every week! It is just as and when something becomes of interest that they want to share.

Show and Tell Timetable

Monday David, Etienne, Solomon, Jessie, De-Neil, Elizabeth
Tuesday Isobel, Barney, Sanaa, Na-Shawn, Erin, Frances
Wednesday Demi, Amber-Lilly, Eliza, Aliyah, Markell, Olivia
Thursday Tia, Isabella, George, Ailbhe, Florin, Sophie
Friday Nora, Jacob, Ellie-Mai, Wilf

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