Our First Week of School!


It is the end of our first full week of school and we have experienced so many new things! As I mentioned we have explored the outdoor area, met our learning partner, started Mandarin, had lunch at school for the first time, met our buddy readers and started our learning!
This week our topic has been ‘Our family’ and today we talked to our partner about who is in our family. In maths we have been counting and recognising numbers to 5. Challenge: Can you spot some numbers in the home environment this weekend and email us a photograph for the blog? (sophielavender@rosendale.cc)
We started learning some sounds this week in phonics and now know:
/a/ (ants on the apple)
/s/  (sammy snake)
/t/ (terrible tiger)
/p/ (pink party pig)
Use this phonics song to practise pronouncing the songs correctly
Next week, our learning will be about ourselves including what we would like to be when we grow up! In maths we will continue with number recognition and counting.
Have a lovely weekend everyone.

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