Knights and dragons!

This week our topic has been ‘knights and dragons’ and what an eventful week it has been! If you have not already heard, there was a break in, and our castle was left in a terrible mess. It was thanks to our brilliant detective work at the crime scene that the police knew to hunt for a fire breathing dragon, who I should add, is still on the loose! We have made wanted posters and adverts to help us find a brave knight to slay the dragon. So fingers crossed.

In maths this week we have been looking at 2d shapes again and repeated patterns and how it is possible to make patterns out of lots of different things, such as objects, sizes, colour and sounds.

Our sounds this week have been:
/j/ jelly on the plate
/v/ the van goes vroom
/w/ windy wind
/x/ x-ray my hand
Next week we will be continuing with the traditional tale theme and learning about the gingerbread man. In maths the challenge this weekend is to find a repeated pattern and send a photo with you in it (

Have a lovely weekend and enjoy the fireworks!



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