Super space scientists

This week, we have become space experts by learning about space using a non-fiction book. Then we wrote our own space facts and created a space fact book ourselves! What clever scientists we are.
In maths, we learnt about capacity and learnt that larger containers hold more. We solved a few problems too and realised that short, wide containers sometimes hold more than tall, thin containers.
In phonics, we have started to learn digraphs which are two letters that make one sound. The digraphs we learnt are

/ch/ train on the track

/sh/ hush the baby

/th/ thumbs up thumbs down

/ng/ I am strong

Home challenge

This week your challenge is to try to write some words that have any of the above sounds in. Parents/carers might need to help you think of the words but children, try to write them all by yourself. When you have written some, send in a picture of your work ( with your name on it and we will post it on the blog and add it to your learning journal.

In the week ahead, we will be learning about Chinese New Year and will head to China Town to learn more about the traditions. Remember to return your trip letter and money by tomorrow if you haven’t already please.



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