PE 06.02.17

After a warm up game we practised our object control skills, manipulating and catching a bean bag and then a soft ball…


Vroom Vroom!

Last week we learnt about different forms of transport and as well as making our own non-fiction transport books we also recreated buses, tubes and trains in the classroom! We also took part in race for life and on Friday every child on the school took part in a sponsored run around the school track. Reception were fantastic and everyone put in lots of effort and ran round the track two times before receiving a medal at the finish line. If you would still like to sponsor them and donate money to cancer research, please drop money off at the office or in the classroom.
In maths, we have been focusing on teen numbers. We know that all teen numbers come between 10 and 20 and have a have a ‘1’ as the first number. We also know that most of them end in the word ‘teen’ except for eleven and twelve.
In phonics, we have learnt four more new digraphs (two letters that make one sound). The sounds we have learnt are:

/oo/ oo oo food on a spoon

/oo/ oo oo look in a book

/ar/ ar ar drive in a car

/or/ or or what is that for?
Home Challenge:

This week your challenge is to try send in a photo of you on a form of transport. Please send the picture to ( and we will pop it on the blog.