Cook big pot cook!

This week we started our book ‘The magic porridge pot’ and we are learning the story off by heart. We are using a story map and actions to help us remember it and yesterday we went to perform the story  to nursery. Why don’t you have a go at retelling the story to your family using the story map below? Next week, we will start to write the story!

In maths, we have been adding two numbers by counting on. We can write a number sentence now and put the first number in our head, the second number on our fingers and count on! Can you use this link and write a number sentence for the right amount of people you have put on the bus? Send us in a picture of your work 

e.g. 3 + 2 = 5

In phonics, we have learnt the sounds

/oi/ let’s all join

/ur/ don’t eat turf

/ow/ pow wow

/ear/ I can hear

Next week is world book day and we are doing a readathon (at least 15 mins of reading each day) so each morning in learning together time (8.50-9.10am), you are invited to come into school and read with your child. You can bring in your own books and read them to your child or to a small group of children. This will be the only activity each morning for the whole week so please encourage your child to bring in a favourite book from home to read during that time. It would be lovely to see parents scoop other children up to read with as not everyone’s parents are able to come in before school.

Finally, there were lots of letters in the book bags yesterday, including a trip letter, so please take time to read through them.

Have a great weekend!


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