This week we have been learning about magic and it’s been lots of fun! We had Tricky Toby the magician in to visit us and we have been creating our own spells and potions this week and recording them in our own special spell books. After lots of practice this week, today we made our own magic potions to take home. However beware of drinking them as they may turn you into something slimy and the ingredients included, witch’s toe nails, frog skin, eyeballs and much more! Next week, it is Science week so we will be starting to look at how things change. We will be doing lots of experiments.

In maths this week we have been studying how to write a subtraction number sentence. We have learnt that meanie minus takes things away, such as our yummy skittles, and when he does we are left with less! We started with 8 skittles each and rolled the dice to see how many we could eat and how many we would be left with. Then we played musical chairs and took away chairs each time. This weekend, see if you can practise having a group of objects and taking some away. Can you remember how to work out the answer?

In phonics we have been learning the final phase 3 digraphs (2 letters that make 1 sound) and trigraphs (3 letters that make 1 sound).

/ure/ gold is pure

/air/ brush your hair

/er/ food in the mixer
and we learnt that these sounds come at the end of words
/ll/ bill on a hill
/ss/ snakes goes hiss
/ff/ huff and puff
Your challenge this weekend is to send in photographs of you writing a spell this weekend. Here is an example of a wicked spell!
A spell to turn you into a pig.
1 drop of pig snot
3 pigs toenails
1 pinch of mud
2 drops of milk
Send the photograph of your writing to sophielavender@rosendale.cc

Finally yesterday we were also lucky enough to visit the frogs in the pond, of which there were many, and see all the frogs spawn! .

Have a lovely weekend everyone.



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