Science Week

Last Thursday we had a visit from another scientist – Oscar’s dad Robin who is a scientist at London Zoo. He told us about how he studies sea birds using trackers to see where they live, find food and migrate to. Robin showed us an Ostrich egg which was enormous and a Puffins egg, which was a lot smaller and the very tiny eggs of a House Sparrow and Great Tit. Robin also showed us the trackers he uses to follow the birds that he studies …one of the trackers is missing but perhaps it is tracking one of the children on their journey home! If you find a tracker that has accidentally gone home please could you return it to RKG. One really amazing fact that we learnt is that an Albatross’s wing span can be up to 3.4metres.

 Then on Friday we had LIFT OFF! Dr. Adam Baker, who is an actual rocket scientist came in and showed the whole school how to make a rocket! He also got us all to help with the countdown and later showed us some plastic rocket fuel and how it burns. Our science learning continues this week.


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