Last week of term!

It has been another brilliant week in reception with a major focus on how we can incorporate writing into all the different activities in the classroom, whether it been writing station names when constructing train tracks, writing shopping lists and quantities in the maths area or designing and writing Easter cards in the creative area.  We also had a brilliant day at the science museum yesterday. It was good fun going on the bus and tube to get there and our time in The Garden at the museum was brilliant. Lots of fun things to try out and explore. Giant lego, water, mirrors, puppets, instruments, a den and things to climb. And of course lunch was a highlight! After that we had a look around the transport and space section. It was great to hear so many of the children recall information from when we learnt about space at school and we all enjoyed seeing the astronaut suit and spinning model of our planet Earth!

In maths this week we have worked on consolidating our understanding of subtraction and addition and the methods we can use to help us solve these number sentences.

In phonics we have revisit a number of digraphs and trigraphs and continued to work on spotting these sounds in our reading and writing. When writing a sentence we have learnt that we must always start by counting the number of words in the sentence and then orally segmenting the individual words one at a time while remembering to leave fingers spaces in between them! Once we have finished we can go back and count the number of words to check we have not missed any and have used finger spaces.

Finally thank you all so much for your support this term. I hope you all have a fabulous Easter holiday and Miss Albert and I look forward to seeing you all for the summer term!


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