2 more helpers – Friday 19th

Many thanks to those who have volunteered to help on the trips next week. I have following people confirmed (please get in touch asap if there are any problems):

Tuesday 16th May – Crystal Palace Park

  1. Jacob’s dad
  2. Olivia’s mum
  3. Frances’ mum
  4. Aliyah’s dad
  5.  Tia’s brother
  6. Sanaa’s mum

Friday 19th May – Alice In Wonderland (Waterloo Vaults)

  1. Florin’s mum
  2. Sophie’s mum
  3. Jessie’s granny
  4. Nora’s mum
  5. Ailbhe’s mum
  6. Isobel’s mum

We need 2 more parents to volunteer for this trip as the theatre have requested a ratio of 1:3 children because of the interactive nature of the performance. As the support is needed specifically in the theatre a parent with a sibling would be able to volunteer. Please let us know if you can help otherwise we may have to cancel the trip.





One thought on “2 more helpers – Friday 19th

  1. Hi Sophie

    I’ve switched my day off so I can come now on the Alice in Wonderland trip on Friday 19th May.

    Hope you get that one parent more!



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