Alice In Wonderland Trip

Here is the information needed for Friday’s trip to see Alice In Wonderland.

It looks like a rainy day so please ensure your child comes to school wearing a rain coat WITH A HOOD and wellies. They will need to bring a backpack to put their school packed lunch in.

Parent helpers – We have the second slot at The Vaults (11.30am but need to arrive 15 mins before) so will be leaving school at 10.05am to allow plenty of time. Please can parent helpers come to class for 9.55am. You will need to bring your own lunch and an oyster card in case they ask us to swipe in. I predict we will be back at school by 2.45pm latest so pick up will be normal time.

Parent helpers are:

  1. Cat (Erin’s mum)
  2. Stephanie (Sophie’s mum)
  3. Ben (Barney’s dad)
  4. Sarah (Nora’s mum)
  5. Stefanie (Florin’s mum)
  6. Emma (Ailbhe’s mum)
  7. Jessie’s Gran
  8. Beverly (Isobel’s mum)

Extra adult to help in the The Vaults.

Rachel + child (Salina’s mum)

Thanks everyone. It should be a fab experience for the children.


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