Important Beach Trip Info

It is the beach trip this Friday 30th June and we will be going come rain or shine!! Below is a reminder of key points from the beach trip letters.

Parents or carers coming to the beach:

If you are taking your own child to Broadstairs Beach you are responsible for your child’s safety all day and need to organise their travel/tickets to the beach with you.  For further information such as where to meet, please refer to the beach letter.

Children travelling with the school:

We will be organising their travel to the beach with us. Please ensure your child is in school at 8.40am as we will be leaving school at 8.50am. They will need to wear sandals or crocs (shoes that do not require socks) and bring in:

a labelled backpack

full spare set of labelled clothes

a towel

a bottle of water

their swimming costume/shorts

waterproof jacket

£2 for an ice cream

Finally  please remember you will need to pick your child up at 5.10pm from West Dulwich station not school.  Any questions please let me know.

Thanks and fingers crossed for a sunny day!!









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