Comic Relief Today

Just a reminder that today it is Comic Relief, so children can come into school dressed in bright rainbow coloured clothes in return for donating a coin to Comic Relief.
Thank you.

Can you help us?

We are still looking for three more helpers on our trip to the Science Museum next Thursday 30th March. Frances’ dad and Barney’s mum have already kindly volunteered however we will need more parent helpers in order to go. If you are able to accompany us on the trip, or if there is a willing granny or sibling over 18, please could you email me

The trip will be taking place between 9.30am -3pm and adults will need to bring their own packed lunch.

Many thanks in advance for you support.

science museum.PNG



Tricky Words

On Friday a little brown evenlope of ‘tricky words’ (words that do not follow the phonetic rules) was sent home in book bags. These are words that the children need to learn off by heart to help with their reading and writing. We would love your help in getting them to practise recognising these words by making it into a little memory game or competition and seeing how many they can get. They could also test you! Or they could try and spot them when they are reading. Ideally they should practise reading and writing the words. Most importantly it should be a positive event, rather than forcing them to practise if they are tired. Thanks for your help!

Science Week

Last Thursday we had a visit from another scientist – Oscar’s dad Robin who is a scientist at London Zoo. He told us about how he studies sea birds using trackers to see where they live, find food and migrate to. Robin showed us an Ostrich egg which was enormous and a Puffins egg, which was a lot smaller and the very tiny eggs of a House Sparrow and Great Tit. Robin also showed us the trackers he uses to follow the birds that he studies …one of the trackers is missing but perhaps it is tracking one of the children on their journey home! If you find a tracker that has accidentally gone home please could you return it to RKG. One really amazing fact that we learnt is that an Albatross’s wing span can be up to 3.4metres.

 Then on Friday we had LIFT OFF! Dr. Adam Baker, who is an actual rocket scientist came in and showed the whole school how to make a rocket! He also got us all to help with the countdown and later showed us some plastic rocket fuel and how it burns. Our science learning continues this week.

Cake Making

A few of you have asked for the cake recipe that the children followed ALL BY THEMSELVES last week. It really is simple and they have all already had a practise at school so, if you want a treat this week, ask them to follow the pictures below.

IMG_0580 (1)












A visit from a real scientist!

This afternoon we had the honour of meeting a real scientist. Her name is Lucy and she is an epidemiologist. She looks into outbreaks of illnesses. It was fascinating to hear her talk about a study she has been working on about allergies and the children heard about the first ever epidemiologist John Snow who stopped cholera in London!