Animals in our community

I am sure you all saw lots of animals in our community over the weekend, although getting a picture of them can sometimes be a bit tricky! However here are a few that were captured on camera…


Vet Trip

We had a great trip to see the Vet and Pet shop in Herne Hill today. First we had a look around the pet shop at all the different toys, food and equipment you need to properly look after a pet. We even saw a pot of dried pigs ears which dogs like to chew on!


After that we met the lovely veterinary nurse who showed use the consultation room where all the sick pets are taken.  We were also introduced to the vet’s dog, Tessa, and we all took turns to listen to Tessa’s heart beat through the stethoscope.


Finally we went out the back to see the pets they had in for treatment. There were two cats, a guinea pig and a dog. The dog was not feeling too well as he had just had all his teeth pulled out because they had not been looked after – a reminder to us all to brush our teeth! A massive thank you to all the parents helpers on our first trip!!