Rosendale Book Club!

Rosendale Book Club launches on Monday in Early Years. For those of you who were not able to make the coffee morning today a short synopsis of how the book club works is below. Individual logins have been sent home today in book bags so it would be lovely if you could have a look at the book club titles with your children over the weekend.

Rosendale Book Club

Carefully selected by the Rosendale Community, there are a total of 100 books to choose from in the book club. The aim is for the children to work their way through these 100 books over the course of their time at Rosendale. By doing so they will experience a great range of genres and classic texts which will deepen their love and understanding of reading and only support their learning in general.

Each child has their own individual login to the book club website where they can access the 100 book titles and reviews of other children.  Parents/carers are encouraged to visit the website at home with their children and help them choose a book. Some books you may already know others you will not. There are a range of ways you can search the 100 books such as by age group, genre etc.

Once you have chosen a book you will be able to get that book from the special Book Club basket of books that will be out during ‘learning together time’ in the mornings. Every book you borrow will need to be signed out in the yellow book in the basket and signed back in on return. Should the book you want already be out more copies can be found on the library bus.

After you have read a book with your child, you write a review/comment. This can be any reaction your child has to the book, there is no set formula so it could be ‘ it made me laugh’ or ‘the lion was scary.’ When your review is submitted the book will appear on your child’s virtual bookshelf on the website. Any review posted can be read by others in the Rosendale book club.

I hope that helps and any question please do not hesitate to ask. Happy reading!



An Introduction to Rosendale Book Club – Coffee Morning

All Early Years parents are invited to a coffee morning on Friday 3rd March to find out more about the Rosendale Book Club.   The coffee morning will take place in the training room (the room on the left hand side of the reception block between) 9.15am and 10am.  We really hope that you are able to make it.

The Early Years Team