Pets and Vets

We have really got into our pets topic this week by taking care of lots of different animals at the vets in our classrooms and outdoors. When we visited the vets, we learnt how to take care of animals and today, started to make ‘How to take take of a rabbit’ books.

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We were lucky enough to be visited by Luna the dog yesterday. We learnt about taking care of her and some of us stroked her.
In maths, we have continued counting objects and have even started to count objects that can’t be moved (like pictures or sounds).
Our sounds like week have been
/g/ goats are giggling.
/o/ on and off
/c/ castanets are clicking
/k/ kites flying high
Next week we will be learning about animals in the community, like ones that live in Brockwell park or in our gardens. Keep your eyes out for creatures in the local area over the weekend and send us a photograph if you see any (dogs in the park/birds/squirrels/foxes/hedgehogs/slugs etc).
The maths challenge this week is to play a counting board game with your family (like snakes and ladders) and to send us a photograph showing you and your game. Maybe I will play one too and show you a picture on Monday.
Have a brilliant weekend everyone.

Maths Counting Game

We have had great fun in class practising our counting. We have learnt that to help us count objects correctly we can touch them as we count and we should count them twice to check we have the right total. Why not practice at home by playing this game – click here.


When I grow up…

This week, we have been learning about ourselves and thinking about what we want to be when we grow up. Some of our amazing ideas include becoming a dinosaur, teacher, fairy, superhero and a vet.

In maths, we have started learning with numicon which has helped us to count up to 10. This week at home could you send us in a picture of yourself with 5 objects? Take a look at the example of me below.
Thank you so much to all of the parents that came along and joined in with the phonics workshop last night. It was a great turn out and I hope you all found it useful. For those of you that couldn’t make it, the slides will be sent to the class contacts to email out over the next week or so.
The sounds this week that we have learnt are:
/i/ (itchy insects)
/n/ (nanna’s nearly ninety)
/m/ (my favourite meal)
/d/ (dad plays the drum)
Next week we will start to learn about pets! If you have an interesting, child friendly pet that you would like to bring in to show us and talk about, please email me (
On Tuesday 4th October we will be going on our first trip out of school to visit the vets in Herne Hill. It is a local trip so there is no need for you to sign a permission slip but we would love parent volunteers to accompany us. We will confirm times on Monday but if you are available to come along, please email me.
Also thank you to Sanaa’s mum Henna, who has agreed to be the other class contact with George’s mum Natalie. Natalie sent out an email to all RSL parents a week ago. If you have not received it please check you spam mail or email her so she has your correct address (
Finally do not forget to check out the school radio blog and listen to this weeks radio show. RSL got a shout out from Miss Atkins!
Have a great weekend!