RSL using transport!

Thank you for all the lovely photos of you using different forms of transport. There is a good range below. Keep them coming!




Alien Invasion!

Today we watched a video of an alien spaceship crash landing in our playground! Take a look at what we found:

We decided to go and investigate and wrote about what we found. We think the aliens were hoping to get our underpants!


We need pants!

This week, we are reading the book Aliens Love Underpants. Something strange happened – a message from the aliens appeared on the computer this morning and the alien in the message needs our pants! He says he wants all kinds of pants. Big pants, small pants, stripy, spotty…every kind of pant.

Please help us by bringing in an adult or child pair of pants tomorrow so that the aliens might pay us a visit!

Image result for aliens love underpants

Vet Trip

We had a great trip to see the Vet and Pet shop in Herne Hill today. First we had a look around the pet shop at all the different toys, food and equipment you need to properly look after a pet. We even saw a pot of dried pigs ears which dogs like to chew on!


After that we met the lovely veterinary nurse who showed use the consultation room where all the sick pets are taken.  We were also introduced to the vet’s dog, Tessa, and we all took turns to listen to Tessa’s heart beat through the stethoscope.


Finally we went out the back to see the pets they had in for treatment. There were two cats, a guinea pig and a dog. The dog was not feeling too well as he had just had all his teeth pulled out because they had not been looked after – a reminder to us all to brush our teeth! A massive thank you to all the parents helpers on our first trip!!

When I grow up…

This week, we have been learning about ourselves and thinking about what we want to be when we grow up. Some of our amazing ideas include becoming a dinosaur, teacher, fairy, superhero and a vet.

In maths, we have started learning with numicon which has helped us to count up to 10. This week at home could you send us in a picture of yourself with 5 objects? Take a look at the example of me below.
Thank you so much to all of the parents that came along and joined in with the phonics workshop last night. It was a great turn out and I hope you all found it useful. For those of you that couldn’t make it, the slides will be sent to the class contacts to email out over the next week or so.
The sounds this week that we have learnt are:
/i/ (itchy insects)
/n/ (nanna’s nearly ninety)
/m/ (my favourite meal)
/d/ (dad plays the drum)
Next week we will start to learn about pets! If you have an interesting, child friendly pet that you would like to bring in to show us and talk about, please email me (
On Tuesday 4th October we will be going on our first trip out of school to visit the vets in Herne Hill. It is a local trip so there is no need for you to sign a permission slip but we would love parent volunteers to accompany us. We will confirm times on Monday but if you are available to come along, please email me.
Also thank you to Sanaa’s mum Henna, who has agreed to be the other class contact with George’s mum Natalie. Natalie sent out an email to all RSL parents a week ago. If you have not received it please check you spam mail or email her so she has your correct address (
Finally do not forget to check out the school radio blog and listen to this weeks radio show. RSL got a shout out from Miss Atkins!
Have a great weekend!