Cake instructions…

In case you need more detailed instructions on how to bake the cakes see Sanaa’s and Erin’s books below and a copy of the one we used in our lesson. Some children have also asked to bring in different kinds of cakes that they like to make and eat which is also great!

Cooking covers almost every area of our curriculum, especially if you let your child take the lead, so happy baking and I can’t wait to see everyone’s efforts on Friday.










Home Baking!

After our fabulous adventure in Wonderland last week we have continued Alice in Wonderland as our topic this week. We have been writing instructions today on how to make a cake and some children have written their own information books about it. It would be wonderful if the children could have a go at making some cup cakes with you at home and bring them in for our Mad Hatters Tea party on Friday!

You may decided to use a different method to make yours but we used balancing scales so we could measure each ingredient (flour, sugar and butter) to match the weight of 2 eggs which makes roughly 6 cup cakes.

We then mixed it all together with the two cracked eggs, placed it in a baking tray and popped it in the oven. Then decorate with jam if you like!

Have fun!!


Sun hats and sun cream

Its set to be a hot week with lots of sunshine so please can you send your children in with sun hats  (please label them with your child’s name and class) and put sun cream on them in the mornings before they come to school. You may send in a tube of labelled sun cream if you would like them to reapply it during the day.

Many thanks!


What an amazing adventure in Wonderland!

We feel very lucky to have been invited to experience the Alice in Wonderland interactive show at the Vaults today. The children were amazed by the sets, costumes and acting. We met the white rabbit, tweedledee and tweedledum, the queen of hearts, the mad hatter, humpty dumpty and of course, Alice. We were not allowed to take photographs inside sadly but here are a few of us enjoying the rest of the experience.

I highly recommend going on a family day trip if you have other children who would be keen. It was a brilliant experience.

Thank you so much to the parent volunteers. I’m glad we took so many of you, we really needed you walking through those dark sets!


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Alice In Wonderland Trip

Here is the information needed for Friday’s trip to see Alice In Wonderland.

It looks like a rainy day so please ensure your child comes to school wearing a rain coat WITH A HOOD and wellies. They will need to bring a backpack to put their school packed lunch in.

Parent helpers – We have the second slot at The Vaults (11.30am but need to arrive 15 mins before) so will be leaving school at 10.05am to allow plenty of time. Please can parent helpers come to class for 9.55am. You will need to bring your own lunch and an oyster card in case they ask us to swipe in. I predict we will be back at school by 2.45pm latest so pick up will be normal time.

Parent helpers are:

  1. Cat (Erin’s mum)
  2. Stephanie (Sophie’s mum)
  3. Ben (Barney’s dad)
  4. Sarah (Nora’s mum)
  5. Stefanie (Florin’s mum)
  6. Emma (Ailbhe’s mum)
  7. Jessie’s Gran
  8. Beverly (Isobel’s mum)

Extra adult to help in the The Vaults.

Rachel + child (Salina’s mum)

Thanks everyone. It should be a fab experience for the children.