Christmas Party Food List

A food list has gone up on our classroom door for our Christmas Party next Thursday 15th December. If you could please sign up next to the items you are willing to get that would be great.

For those of you who do not regularly come into the classroom the list is below so please email me ( which items you would like to bring and I will sign you up.




Dates for your diary

The end of next week is quite busy….

Thursday morning: Cinema trip. Arrive at school punctually. Each class can only have 3 parents volunteering because of tickets. So far we have Ben (Eliza’s dad) and Paul (Sanaa’s dad) joining us but we need 1 more parent helper. Please can you email me if you are available to help
Thursday afternoon: Class party. When we arrive back from the cinema, we will be having a party. We will write a party food list on the doors again and please note that this will be the children’s lunch that day as we will be arriving back late.
Friday: Toy day. It is the last day of term on Friday so the children are invited to bring in a toy that they can share with their friends. Board games and interactive toys are best, not tablets or soft-toys.

Birthday Week

Repost as hopefully the video will work this time!

This week our topic has been ‘birthdays’ and the children have been really enthusiastic about it by writing invitations, birthday cards and thanks you letters, setting up birthday parties in the role play area, wrapping presents, and singing happy birthday in french and mandarin! Herbert’s party was the icing on the cake and its was great fun.

In maths this week we have continued the birthday theme by looked at significant numbers (our birthdays) and counting on 1 more.

Our sounds this week have been

/b/ bat and ball
/l/ licking lollies
/f/ four funny faces
/h/ hopping in a hurry

All in all it has been a brilliant first half of term in RSL and it has been such a pleasure teaching such a fantastic class! We have had lots of fun on our learning journey so far and masses of thanks to you all for your continued support.

We will be looking at fairy tales in the next half of term and as a result will be changing our role play area and building a new one together as a class. If you receive any parcels with big and small boxes please save them and bring them into class for us to use. Also any swords, shields, goblets or other fairy tale themed fancy dress or props will be greatly welcomed!

Have a wonderful half term holiday!