Pets and Vets

We have really got into our pets topic this week by taking care of lots of different animals at the vets in our classrooms and outdoors. When we visited the vets, we learnt how to take care of animals and today, started to make ‘How to take take of a rabbit’ books.

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We were lucky enough to be visited by Luna the dog yesterday. We learnt about taking care of her and some of us stroked her.
In maths, we have continued counting objects and have even started to count objects that can’t be moved (like pictures or sounds).
Our sounds like week have been
/g/ goats are giggling.
/o/ on and off
/c/ castanets are clicking
/k/ kites flying high
Next week we will be learning about animals in the community, like ones that live in Brockwell park or in our gardens. Keep your eyes out for creatures in the local area over the weekend and send us a photograph if you see any (dogs in the park/birds/squirrels/foxes/hedgehogs/slugs etc).
The maths challenge this week is to play a counting board game with your family (like snakes and ladders) and to send us a photograph showing you and your game. Maybe I will play one too and show you a picture on Monday.
Have a brilliant weekend everyone.